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4000 words Select, read, research and critically analyse a cover story of The H


4000 words Select, read, research and critically analyse a cover story of The Harvard Business Review (The Magazine): Please read cover stories featured in the last four issues of The Harvard Business Review (The Magazine): May/June to Nov / Dec 2020
Select the cover story from one issue. Using insights from theoretical perspectives covered in the lectures and seminars, critically analyse the cover story, delineating its impact on: (a) global political-economy; or / and (b) national socio-political economy; or / and (c) business (or non-business) organisations; as necessary.
Rationale for assessment design:One of the key aims of this core module is to introduce students to different theoretical perspectives relating to organisation studies in general and international management in particular. Ability to provide theoretically grounded explanations of contemporary issues is one of the key learning outcomes of this module. Hence, the summative assessment is designed to encourage students to read and engage with a wide range of key literature to critically discuss one cover story from The Harvard Business Review.Links to course learning outcomes:The assessment(s) are designed to encourage students to engage with theoretical concepts and perspective and use them to analyse evolving and contemporary challenges in international management. By allowing students to critique a cover story from the Harvard Business Review, we aim to embed an interdisciplinary approach to the delivery of the module.The course learning outcomes for the MSc International Business are provided below:1.Apply relevant theoretical concepts and techniques to understand complex and constantly evolving international business environment;2.Acquire and apply knowledge of International Business to a range of complex situations taking into account relationships to and interactions with, other areas disciplines and areas including Organisation Theory, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Marketing and HRM;3.Critically appraise the relationships among and interconnectedness between organizations and their socio-cultural and institutional context4.Display critical awareness and systematic understanding of current issues in International Business, which is informed by leading edge research, and practice in the field;5.Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate techniques sufficient to allow detailed investigation of relevant issues in various disciplines underpinning the course;6.Exhibit creativity in the application of existing knowledge, together with a practical understanding of how established techniques of research and enquiry are used to develop and interpret knowledge in International Business;7.Critically evaluate the uses and limitations of a range of research methods and techniques, both qualitative and quantitative, to select and conduct effective business and strategic research in a international business context;Assessment information:The marking criteria, break down of marks and the learning outcomes associated with this 4000 words assessment are provided below in the table:CriterionMarkLearning Outcome1. Introduction:Please provide a clear and concise introduction of the selected cover story.Please clearly justify the relevance of the theme.20%(10)(10)LO1;LO2;LO3;LO4; LO52. Research and synthesis of various literature:Please use various academic and non-academic sources to engage with the issues underpinning the selected cover story.Please identify and delineate: (a) the key arguments / debates / on the issues relating to the cover story; (b) the key actors / players and their role and contribution; and (c) the social structure / structural arrangement(s) underpinning the issues30%(10)(20)LO1; LO2;LO3;LO4; LO53. Analysis:Please critically analyse the issues underpinning the cover story using insights from institutional theory and / or other theoretical perspectives or themes, covered in the lectures and seminars.Please highlight and critique the possible implications on the global geo-political economy; and or national socio-political economy; and or business (and / or non-business) organisations.35%(20)(15)LO1;LO2;LO3;LO4; LO54. Conclusion:Please provide a clear and logical conclusion bringing together the issues you explored and analysed.Please summarise they key points of your analysis in the process.15%(10)(5)LO1;LO2;LO3;LO4; LO5TOTAL MARKS:100% .doc file