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ARTIST CHOSEN: Ryan Tedder Description In-depth essay submitted on an individual


ARTIST CHOSEN: Ryan Tedder Description In-depth essay submitted on an individual songwriter, evaluating their career history, literary influence, and an analysis of a minimum of two (2) of their (short) works. This analysis should contain melodic, harmonic, or lyrical examples (if applicable) and attempt to place them within the wider context of contemporary music or literature. It should also draw attention to any parallels with influences or the artistic output of any contemporaries in music or literature, and detailed analysis of their songwriting style or characteristics using the two cited works as examples. Overall, students will seek to evaluate and critically comment on the significance of works and influences on a significant contemporary songwriter, and in turn their notable influence on other songwriters or writers. Assessment Criteria: · Analysis of musical and lyrical characteristics of significant works from your chosen songwriter; · Comparison and evaluation of works and other significant literary and/or musical works that may have been of influence to, or influenced by chosen songwriter; · Analysis of songwriter’s artistic output, and evaluation of musical or literary style alongside extra-musical concepts such as other art practices, life events, philosophy, politics, religion or other influences; · Correct use of academic references and notated examples, along with correct formatting, spelling, grammar, and following guidelines of instructed essay style.