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Assignment: Diagnosis: The Burden of Stigma in Help SeekingAPA format Times New


Assignment: Diagnosis: The Burden of Stigma in Help SeekingAPA format Times New Roman12 fontdouble spacecover and reference page The threat of public stigma, as well as self-stigma, can prevent individuals from receiving the mental health treatment they need. In this Assignment, you analyze the influence of stigma on experiences with and treatment of mental illness.To prepare: Watch the TED Talk by Sangu Delle and then review the readings for this week. Focus on Delle’s examples illustrating Corrigan’s model about the stages of stigma and the hierarchy of disclosure. Consider Delle’s experience against that model.By Day 7Submit a 3-page paper that addresses the following:Briefly explain Corrigan’s model of the stages of stigma and his recommendations and hierarchy about recovery.
Explain whether Delle’s experience follows that model. Use specific examples to argue your perspective. If you agree, identify which stage of recovery Delle is in.
Analyze Delle’s reports about his own experiences with both types of stigma. Provide specific examples, and in your analysis consider the following questions:Does one type of stigma predominate in his talk?
Which of Delle’s personal values or beliefs were challenged by his internalizations about his own illness and help-seeking?
What strengths does he exhibit?
What was the primary benefit of his diagnosis?
Do you think his experience would be different if his culture was different? Explain why or why not?
On the Self-Stigma of Mental Illness: Stages, Disclosure, and Strategies for Change – Patrick W Corrigan, Deepa Rao, 2012 ( clinical diagnosis might exacerbate the stigma of mental illness: @ Walden University Library ( Delle: There’s no shame in taking care of your mental health | TED Talk
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