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Final Paper Topic My final paper will focus on the “Bail”, and “Bail Reform”.


Final Paper Topic
My final paper will focus on the “Bail”, and “Bail Reform”.
• The issue regarding bail is that it is used as a form of power and control for the wealthy and the poor suffer the consequences due to the lack of financial ability.
• The bail system is a controversy topic and there are different opinions and side to this some say that the bail system is a good thing and helps keep those who committed a crime behind bars, others say that the bail system is used as a form of systemic racism and is used at higher rates for the racial minorities that come from poor low income homes.
• Bail is benefiting those who are first time offenders, rather than someone who isn’t
• Judges can pick based on race and social statues who’s eligible for bail
• Bail Reform, and how it should be reformed so that its equally distributed
The paper must be course relevant and written specifically for this course. Evaluation of the final paper is based on the focus on content, relevance to criminal justice issues in critical analysis of the research, writing ability, and APA style/format guidelines. Solid papers for this class have 7 pages, covered the topic comprehensively, had excellent APA style (Abstract, Introduction, Content, Discussion and, APA Style References); were free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors, and reflected the writer’s ability to critically analyze the research relevant to the course in developmental psychology.
Your final paper must show evidence of analysis, evaluation, interpretation and synthesis of the research topic. Your instructor pays close attention to your scholarly presentation. You must know how to use the APA style, and appropriately cite and reference all the sources used by the student. The completed research paper submission deadline will be announced during class. To assist the instructor, please include the section you are enrolled on the title page of your paper.
All sources of information in your final research paper must be supported by a reference. Be cautious when stating your opinion, or using terms indicative of absolute facts, or values, as these must be supported by the original source(s).
5 sources must be used
2 out of the 5 MUST be Scholarly
Use Textbook if needed
Sense And Nonsense About Crime, Drugs, And Communities
by Walker
• ISBN: 9781285459028
• ISBN10: 1285459024
For more content use if relevant to your topic
New York Gubernatorial Debate Andrew Cuomo vs Marc Molinaro Oct 23 2018

The research paper must be submitted via Submit on Turnitin
Lateness will, Defiantly affect your grade.