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Final Video Presentation This is your final project in the course. You have take


Final Video Presentation This is your final project in the course. You have taken in a lot of material and now it’s your time to pick a topic and do a presentation over it. Specifically, you will: 1. choose a topic found in your textbook that interests you (inequalities in the the criminal justice system, poverty, and nutrition, discrimination after 9/11, the possibilities are endless) 2. find 2 peer-reviewed articles on that topic and use your book 3. present the material in a PowerPoint Presentation (15 slides) 4. Create a Youtube video using your PowerPoint. Be sure it includes you discussing your PowerPoints, using Screen-cast-o-matic. I will need to see you discussing your PowerPoints; again, you will need to be visible on the video as well as your PowerPoint Presentation. 5. Upload the video to Youtube and then share the link in Blackboard. The articles need to come from a source such as JSTOR, Sage Publications, etc. It needs to have been published within the last 10 years and each article should be between 8-15 pages in length. You need to email me your articles for approval. If you don’t use the correct articles, you will receive a 0 on this assignment; make sure you email them to me for approval. This assignment is worth 150 points. I am waiting on the articles to be approved by my professor and my topic will be on Inequalities in the criminal justice system. I will complete the you tube video. The assignment requires that I use my book which I have the login for since the book is an ebook. You will get the sign-on information once you are chosen for the assignment.