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Fixed-Base Router is the tool im doing the project on BROWARDCOLLEGEARC 2461 MAT


Fixed-Base Router is the tool im doing the project on BROWARDCOLLEGEARC 2461 MATERIALS AND METHODS OF CONSTRUCTION PROFESSOR: FELIX M. LORENZO, R.A. TOOL REPORTOBJECTIVE: The purpose of this assignment is to study a single tool in depth. OVERVIEW: Each student will research a different tool, preferably one they will be using at work. All projects are to follow the same format, see instructions below Choose a topic and e-mail to professor using regular Broward College e-mail, not D2L. Project grading: accuracy, completeness, graphic format, meeting deadlines. Refer to syllabus for due dates. TOPIC: TOOLS Choose one tool, power or manual for professor’s approval that you want to learn more about. Heavy equipment like cranes, excavators are also permitted. The report needs to cover the following: Name and define the parts of the tool. Explain all the different ways the tool can be used, providing examples of work done with it. Discuss the types of materials that can be worked with that tool providing specific examples. Explain specific techniques for using the tool successfully. List accessories or attachments that can used with the tool Explain the proper use or operation of the tool including safety precautions and supplies. Detail the proper maintenance of the tool. Include any important material relevant to the tool. List helpful video links organized into categories such as materials, tools, techniques as needed. List of web pages used for the report organized into categories just like the videos. INSTRUCTIONS: Provide a coversheet that includes the title, image, and introduction Explain topic and illustrate amply with images. Report is to be 25% writing (single spaced) and 75% images. Pages are to be filled with text or images, no empty spaces. Page margins: .5 inches Font: Report title: Calibri, Section titles: Calibri, Body text: Calibri Font sizes: Report title: 36pt, Section titles: 20pt, Body text:12pt Report length, 16pages. No bibliography is needed, please save your sources, including web pages as pdf files and send them in with your work