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FULL INSTRUCTIONS LOCATED IN ATTACHMENT Language in my Community. How does your


FULL INSTRUCTIONS LOCATED IN ATTACHMENT Language in my Community. How does your community create language? Identify a community that you are a part of (family, school, neighborhood, cultural/ethnic/age group) and investigate the way it uses language to form social connections. Describe the language(s) used in your community and how they interact with other languages or English varieties. What are the choices that people in your community make about how they use language? Which of those choices strengthen their social ties? Which ones weaken social ties? What is your community’s most distinctive language trait, and why do you suppose that trait is significant? What role does Standard English play in your community? How does language use in your community fit into the context of the history of the English language? If you are bilingual or speak a non-standard variety of English, you will have plenty to discuss in this paper. Even if you do not speak another language, you still use language every day and make decisions about which words to use or how to pronounce them, whether you will use “proper” grammar, and how you will speak or write in various situations. No matter what languages we speak, we are constantly making decisions about language, so everyone should have something to explore in this paper. The evidence for this paper will come from two places: 1) examples and descriptions of language use in your own community; and 2) quotations or examples from class readings that relate to what you have observed in your own language community. We have learned quite a bit about language use and language change throughout history and you should be able to relate your own observations to some of this reading material.