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I’m working on a business discussion question and need support to help me unders


I’m working on a business discussion question and need support to help me understand better.Answer each chapter on separate docCH11: 1. Do you think employers will continue to invest in education and training programs for their employees ? Explain your position . 2. What new skills will trainers need to be successful in the future ? 3. What is rapid instructional design? How does it differ from the traditional training design process discussed in Chapter one? (See Figure 1.2.) 4. Explain how you could use an agile design process for developing online training . 5. How does the use of a learning management system better link training to business strategy and goals ?Ch10 :1. What is a sector partnership? Why is it important? Provide an example of a sector partnership2. Assume you were asked to investigate whether or not a police officer training program adequately covered use of force . What would you review ? Would you look at any data ? .3- Explain the relationship between “managing diversity and inclusion ” and “diversity training . ” Which is most effective ? Why ?4. What is the purpose of unconscious bias training ? Provide an example of how unconscious bias training can affect who gets to attend training or who is asked to participate in development activities .5. Do you think that disbanding employee resource groups such as those for women , Hispanics , veterans , and other groups helps or hinders efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace ? Explain why? .doc file