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INSTRUCTIONS ARE ATTACHED:Coaching For the two scenarios provided, prepare a rec


INSTRUCTIONS ARE ATTACHED:Coaching For the two scenarios provided, prepare a recommendation for mentoring or coaching for HR leadership in an internal memo that is a total of 2-3 pages.Today’s employee has different expectations from work than employees have had in the past. Employees want their organizations to offer extensive opportunities for growth, learning, and advancement. In addition, employees have expectations that go beyond the present. The vast majority of employees in the organization have aspirational desires for career advancement. A challenge HR professionals and learning-development staff and supervisors are experiencing is guiding employees towards their long-term goals. Some employees aspire to become organizational senior leaders and will likely be in roles that will prepare them for that opportunity. Other employees want specialized tracks to success, tracks that will move them into senior positions with responsibility over products and programs. Another group of employees isn’t sure what they really would like their careers to be and will benefit from exposure to different roles and responsibilities across different disciplines in the organization.Employees often have visions of their professional future that require mentoring to achieve. Mentoring will maximize the benefit of the experiences, learning, and development they will have while working in your organizations. In addition to mentoring, many employees will need coaching at different stages of their development in the organization. Coaching may be needed for many organizational roles and activities.FULL INSTRUCTIONS ARE ATTACHE
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