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Length of report (excluding list of references): 2,500 words. Please state the w


Length of report (excluding list of references): 2,500 words. Please state the word count of your report (excluding references) on the title page. Company to focus: COLGATE PALMOLIVE Assignment task: You should identify ONE major responsible management challenge your case company currently faces, and analyse it in the context of the company’s existing responsible management practices. You should then make recommendations for how the company should address the challenge through a combination of TWO or THREE different business functions covered in the module (e.g. business models, strategy, communications, HRM, and supply chains). Your analysis and recommendations should be supported by research, and you should clearly indicate how the functions will work together to solve the challenge identified. Structure + Marks Available: 1. Quality of the introduction, including briefly outlining the company’s specific business context, clearly specifying the one major responsible management challenge that will be addressed in the report, and explaining/justifying the relevant corporate functions to address this challenge. (10) 2. Analysis of ONE major responsible management challenge : 2.a.Identification and justification of a current, and major responsible management challenge for the case company. Quality and breadth of evidence provided (with clearly cited sources, academic, company and non-company sources). (10) 2.b. Analysis of this major responsible management challenge with reference to existing company responsible business practices. Quality and breadth of evidence provided (with clearly cited sources, academic, company and non-company sources). (20) 3. Analysis of TWO to THREE corporate functions 3.a.Identification and justification of TWO or THREE corporate functions through which to tackle the responsible management challenge. (10) 4. Reasonableness (Quality) of recommendations made 4.a.Reasonableness of recommendations made for how the company should address this challenge through your chosen corporate functions. Arguments should be supported through academic and other reputable sources. (20) 4.b.Explanation of how your chosen corporate functions will work together to achieve the recommendations suggested. (10) 5. Quality of summary and conclusions, drawing on the evidence in the report to reach a well-reasoned conclusion addressing the assignment. (10) 6. Quality of presentation, writing style and referencing 6.a.Professional writing style, clear structuring and flow. (5) Guidance Unpick the question – here are some suggestions: • Major responsible management challenge: This could be an issue partly based on the megatrend that you discussed in the group infographic. However you should not simply repeat what you said in the group reports – partly because this could constitute plagiarism. You should also ensure that the challenge is current- do not write about a scandal that occurred five years ago, for example. • Recommendations: be practical/practicable and realistic as well as ambitious, all within the context of responsible management and the company’s existing ways of addressing responsible management issues (social, environmental and/or ethical) – what could/should the company be doing differently? • Identification and justification: Always ensure you are identifying (e.g. naming a challenge; naming the functions; naming a recommendation) as well as explaining through a strong argument why these functions/ recommendations make sense. • Support thought academic and other reputable sources of evidence: Your arguments are only as good as the evidence base you support them with. Use academic journal articles, books, chapters, NGO reports, government policy, company websites, competitors’ websites, newspaper articles, consultancy reports to build and support your claims. Company to focus about: COLGATE PALMOLIVE