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Not sure if I did the right subject matter but I figured I’d try it. I need some


Not sure if I did the right subject matter but I figured I’d try it. I need someone to write a paper on this proposal that I made in regards to a fictional workplace problem I’ll attach the proposal and include what is expected of the paper. not sure if its supposed to be single or double space but will pay an adjusted rate if necessary. Write an empirical research report designed to help some organization—real or imaginary—solve some problem or achieve some goal, and you must write it in response to a request (again, real or imaginary) from the organization you are addressing. This should be the same topic as your proposal. For this project, prepare a communication that has a cover, title page, and the other book-like features described in Chapter 11. Remember that your purpose is to help your readers make a practical decision or take a practical action in a real or imaginary organization. LENGTH: The body of your report should be between seven and ten pages long (not counting cover, executive summary, title page, table of contents, appendixes, and similar parts). SOURCES: You must have 5 outside sources listed. These may be articles from the school databases, videos, interviews, research, examples of best practices, questionnaires, price quotes, or any combination thereof. CITATION: Use either MLA or APA style for in text citations. MindTap has chapters on this if you need a refresher. No other style of citation will be accepted. Each source must be used at least once in the report and must be cited in text. You also must have a works cited page that shows all 5 sources. TUTORING: You should upload your paper to the free eTutoring that we provide on campus. You can get extra citation help there. The link is on our course Blackboard page. If the research paper has less than the minimum of 7 pages (not including front and back matter) and/or less than 5 outside sources, it will not pass. Pay attention to these details.