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Note: Below you will find a word document which contains the same info that I co


Note: Below you will find a word document which contains the same info that I copied and paste here but in a more organized way, please use it to answer the following questions with a nicer organization.THEA 200FALL, 2020NAME:____________________________________________DATE:__________________________Who wrote How I Learned to Drive?
After WWII, this was the dominant approach to acting and directing
This playwright/actor creates solo performances by using her interviews with people who are or were involved in actual events
Marsha Norman
Wendy Wasserstein
Paula Vogel
Lynn Nottage
Modified Realism
Psychological Exploration
Character Realism
Psychological Realism
Marina Abromovic
Lynn Nottage
Julie Taymor
Anna Deveare Smith
4. Why were musicals so popular in the US after WWII?Musicals combined singing and dancing
Musicals usually have great sets and costumes
Musicals were optimistic and had patriotic themes that appealed to American audiences
All of the above
Performance art is often performed by an individual artist. It makes a statement and relies on THISA clear artist’s statement
Financial support from the community
Audience interaction and participation
A large open space
Ellen Stewart founded this Off-Off Broadway theatre
What opera is the musical RENT based on?
Who directed the first production of A Raisin in the Sun on Broadway?August Wilson
Sidney Poitier
Lloyd Richards
George C. Wolfe
La Traviata
La Scala
La Boheme
9. In 1965, federal funding for the arts in the US began with the establishment of this organizationActor’s Equity
National Endowment for the Arts
National Arts Council
None of the above
The leader of the Poor Theatre Movement and the Polish Laboratory Theatre was
Samuel Beckett
Joseph Chaikin
David Rabe
Jerzy Grotowski
11. This approach to theatrical production, set design, became popular after WWIIa. Psychological Realismb. Minimalismc. Modified Realismd. None of the above12. What 1960’s musical brought nudity and obscenity to BroadwayAnnie Get Your Gun
Damn Yankees
None of the above
13. Melding categories and breaking boundaries in theatre and other art forms Is called Absurdism
14. Angels in America was written byPaula Vogel
David Rabe
Wendy Wasserstein
Tony Kushner
15. Who wrote Towards a Poor Theatre?Samuel Beckett
Joseph Chaikin
David Rabe
None of the above
16. The American theatre decentralized and moved away from New York to large cities across the country. These professional, non-profit theatres are calleda. Community Theatresb. Little Theatres c. Regional Theatresd. Pop Up Theatres 17. Who wrote RENT?a. Stephen Schwartzb. Stephen Sondheimc. Julie Taymord. Jonathan Larson18. Who wrote A Raisin in the Sun? a. Paula Vogelb. Lynn Nottagec. Lorraine Hansberryd. Suzan Lori Parks19. Which playwright wrote a play for each decade of the twentieth century that explored the lives of African Americans?a. Lloyd Richardsb. Amiri Barakac. Lynn Nottaged. August Wilson20. Amiri Baraka wrote which of the following playsa. Fencesb. Fairviewc. Dutchmand. Slave Play21. What is the name of The Living Theatre’s most popular play?a. Paradise Alleyb. Paradise Islandc. Paradise Nowd. Paradise When?22. Who wrote Waiting for Godot?a. Tom Stoppardb. Jean Paul Sartrec. Albert Camusd. Samuel Beckett 23. How many seats does an Off-Off Broadway theatre have?a. Up to 499b. 350c. 99 or lessd. None of the above 24. Which American playwright wrote A Streetcar Named Desire?a. Edward Albeeb. Lorraine Hansberryc. Tennessee Williamsd. None of the above25. This actor/solo performer wrote and performed Latin History for Moronsa. Eric Bogosianb. Spalding Grayc. John Leguizamod. None of the above26.) What brought about the symbolist movement? What was the most important aspect of production for the symbolists in theatre?27.) What was the benefit of theatre decentralization? When theatre moved away from Broadway to other cities across the country what was the desired result?28.) What is “theatre anarchy”?BONUS ( 10 points)Theatres have been closed across the country for almost a year. Broadway is tentatively scheduled to start performances again in May, 2021. Other theatres are experimenting with virtual performances. In your opinion, what will be the future of live theatre? How will theatre change when COVID eventually gets under our control?
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