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Problem Specification (Approach to the Problem) (1-2pages)This section should di


Problem Specification (Approach to the Problem) (1-2pages)This section should discuss the broad approach adopted and specify the information needed in addressing the problem. The specific research questions and/or hypotheses identified from your previous phase of the project should be presented. Utilize the results from the secondary data analysis and exploratory research to justify why these questions and hypotheses are most relevant in addressing the problem and deserve to be researched on. You could also include a description of the theoretical foundations or any analytical models that you may have used in problem specification. See Appendix B, item 4 for more information. 4. Research Design (2-3 pages) a. Sampling Technique Please define the population you are interested in and then briefly describe the sampling technique you have used. (Don’t just give a general description. Describe it as YOU have used it). Justify it in the context of your application. Identify any inadequacies that may exist in your sampling technique, and briefly describe how you would modify it to make it better (for example, if you had more resources, i.e., time/money). Again this should be specific to your application. b. Data Collection Method Describe how you collected that data for this study, why you selected this method, and changes you would make if you had more time/money. Identify any limitations to your selected method.c. Measurement Give a list of constructs/variables you want to measure. Discuss your choice of measurements in terms of the type of scales and the level of measurement used. Describe the pretest of your questionnaire in this section. Attach a copy of the questionnaire and cover letter in an appendix. d. Analysis Procedures Briefly describe the analytic procedures you used, the statistical package, and any coding/recoding procedures which may be important (e.g., coding open-ended questions). Do not present any research findings here.
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