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The paper and the speech are all the same topic and will need 8 sources includin


The paper and the speech are all the same topic and will need 8 sources including 3 scholarly articles to write them. The speech paper will be 5 to 8 minutes of speech paper. There should be an outline for the speech paper, and the original paper should also be 7 to 8 pages long. The paper will be an extension of the speech paper and they both use the same articles and the same thesis statement. The speech paper should be a persuasive paper and the regular paper should be about finding a solution to the problem that the thesis statement suggests.THESIS: Incarceration of people of color in America especially the male is becoming more problematic for families they leave behind, particularly the children. The justice system should be amended and reconsider how people of color are treated in the court of law.REQUIRMENTS¡ 5-8 minutes¡ Topic relates to race in America¡Pick a specific topic¡Ex: broad area- Environment¡Smaller focus- Flint, MI¡ Speech outline (format example in final speech overview)¡Really introduce your topic and relevant context¡Intro should preview each section you will talk about in¡Clear transition statements¡Do not be afraid of being deliberate and saying “now I’ll go into…” “This relates to my next point which is…” etc.¡Connect your main points back to your thesis “we can see this proves…” “therefore this adds to the claim…”¡Go over your main points and read them in a premise-conclusion relation to make sure your argument adds up¡Main pt 1 + Main pt 2 + Main pt 3 therefore, thesis¡If history is important or part of a main point, must word it so it fits into “premise, premise, premise therefore conclusion” format¡Ex: “The history of the statue of Robert E. Lee is rooted in racism” NOT “first I’ll tell you the history of the statue”¡Connect it to your audience, make it relevant and significant¡Verbally cite every source¡“According to source” “source says” “source proves this” “source adds to this conversation”¡Conclusion should not just repeat what main points are but also what was learned/argued in each section¡Conclusion should provide commentary on where to go from here¡A speech is a performance-engage the audience with your delivery¡INTRO¡Interesting Hook¡Introduce topic and significant context¡Preview speech content¡Thesis¡BODY¡Main point 1 topic sentence¡Pt 1 content¡Transition statement¡Pt 2 content¡Transition statementPt 3 content¡CONCLUSION¡Summarize¡Where do we go from here?¡Call to action?¡Call to rethink something?¡Notable Requirements¡Utilizes relevant topoi¡Applies relevant course concepts¡Gives context¡Cited sources in speech and in outlinePAPER PART¡ Differences between speech and paper:¡Can revise argument based on speech¡Room to expand on evidence- ex: explore a study more deeply, add more evidence, add more context¡Can be more specific. Written versus oral presentations are different. Utilize different language, more complex sentence structures¡Notable requirements:¡Uses relevant topiC¡Provides adequate context¡Incorporates relevant course concepts¡Includes minimum of 8sources, at least 3from Opposing Viewpoints in Context databaseand 3from Academic Search database.doc file
.doc file