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The Right QuestionsAsking the right questions is an important skill for strategi


The Right QuestionsAsking the right questions is an important skill for strategic decision makers. Here are some questions that might be useful:How can we do that (don’t ask “Why can’t we do that?”)?
How else can we do that? What else could we do?
Will you help me? What else could we do?
Who, what, why, where, when, and how much?
Who will do what and by when?
Would these types of questions be useful in doing an internal analysis? Why or why not? 100 Best CompaniesEvery year, Fortune Magazine (Links to an external site.) honors the 100 best companies to work for. Get the latest list. Select one of these companies in the top 15 on the list to research (and different from your post earlier in the course). What types of functional strategies is the company using? What could other companies learn from the strategies being used by these companies? Growth Strategies“The best growth strategy for an entrepreneurial venture or a small business is a well-planned one.” What’s your interpretation of this statement? Do you agree? Disagree? Provide supporting rationale. Strategic DirectionUsing the Internet (Company Web Site, Hoover’s) or Ashford library, research one of the companies listed below. What changes might you recommend in the company’s strategic direction? Explain why you did or did not recommend changes.Cemex: (Links to an external site.)
United Technologies: (Links to an external site.)
Google: (Links to an external site.)
Unilever: (Links to an external site.)
Toshiba: (Links to an external site.)
Smith Corona:
The Cultural EnvironmentRead an article “Understanding National Culture” on page 202 of your text. Then, take the Quiz on page 195. Select one of your answers on the Quiz and explain why you matched a company with the country you chose. Why is it important for managers to understand national cultures around the world? Provide supporting rationale.Missed CallThere are both advantages and disadvantages in doing business internationally. Read Case # 2, Missed Call, on page 210 of your text. Also, review the list of potential advantages and drawbacks in Table 7.1 on page 198. What international strategy advantages and drawbacks can you see in this case? Discuss.
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