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The total paper can only be 10 pages…. I need to write a response to this ques


The total paper can only be 10 pages…. I need to write a response to this question (I will attach the story) and a response 1) Choose one of the stories, “Bread of Sacrifice” or “A Land of Rock and Thyme”. Following narrative materials and external (web and online) resources, describe the historical setting of the story (the war, the battle/s, the time, the place, historical character, events). -For this Essay I need to loosely describe the historical setting of bread of sacrafice (explain the 1947-1948 palesitnian-Israli and the Arab Legion, Acre Women’s Committee etc. my professor really likes sources from Britanica but even said that we can use some Wikipedia sites -I have attached the story (It is in a collection of Palesitnian stories but it only requires us to respond to 1 of the stories and I have chosen to respond to Bread of Sacrafice The teacher describes that she wants an “academic style paper”… she does not want an intro of a conclusion and wants a response to each question This is the proper prompt to the question: Instructions: The paper should be written in a formal academic style. I am expecting a direct answer to a question, not an essay. Get right to the point with no introductory passage or conclusion. Don`t retell the stories, analyze them. Double space, 12-point font, 1-inch margins. A title of a story, or a chapter, or a poem, in quotation marks: “In the Evening”. A reference of a quote or a paraphrase: (Name of author, page number). The maximum number of short supportive quotes per page is 3-4. Unless you select to answer question 5, a bibliography page is not required. The length of the paper is no more than 10 pages. As well as this question 2) Declarations of States (Israel and Palestine): identify and discuss four similarities, or echoes, and two differences. I will attach a document of these notes Please email me if there are anymore questions……