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Using three theorists, answer one of the questions below. Choose among these the


Using three theorists, answer one of the questions below. Choose among these theorists: Locke, the Federalists, Marx & Engels (considered as one theorist) Rousseau, Wollstonecraft and Mill. In your essay, be sure to use specific evidence from the readings to back up your thesis. Material from the lectures and discussion is also appropriate, but the primary emphasis should be on the readings. Submit your copy in Word format by December 13th at 3:00 pm. Word limit: 1,500 words. 1. Most of the theorists discuss the role of property and some of them also discuss women, marriage, family and education. How do they understand these social institutions? What does this understanding reveal about their overall political theories? Which theorist makes the best argument? Why? 2. Democracy has been defined as political participation, political liberty and political equality. How do your theorists understand these ideas? Which one, if any, have the best understanding? Do any of them provide a satisfactory understanding that applies to our politics today? 3. For our theorists, what are the sources of injustice in their societies? What should be done about these injustices? Do the proposals for eliminating injustice create their own problems for a just society? Note: One of the resources provided was the link below: