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An environmental science research paper about solar energy and if it is practica


An environmental science research paper about solar energy and if it is practical or not as a source of clean energy by analyzing pros and cons, cost effectiveness, and comparing it to other energy sources. I have also attached my research paper proposal, along with notes from teacher regarding the proposal. Additionally have attached my proposed bibliography. Below are the instructions as provided to me. The 6-20 page course research paper must fall within the purview of Environmental Science, but it should also be developed according to your own interests and background. Papers covering content presented in the lectures and/or thecoursetextandonlinereadingsshouldgowellbeyondthisintroductory treatment. On the other hand, papers that reveal ignorance of issues or topics already discussed in the text, the lectures, or course online materials will be graded unforgivingly. Certainly, original, unique, and/or local topics are by far preferable to the more general topics listed on this syllabus. A topic/site may be “local” anywhere in the world. Indeed, well-focused, localized, foreign environmental issues are encouraged. The focus, of course, must be environmental; therefore, you are required to develop a solid list of environmental sources (see “Research Paper Bibliography” above), and submit this bibliography by the deadline shown This bibliography will evolve into the references cited section of your research paper. The final paper will not contain a bibliography. Rather, it will have a references cited section, which, along with your footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical notes, will show how you used each source (with source page numbers). Include no sources in this section that you do not cite directly in the body of your text through footnotes or endnotes. This is not a journaling project; therefore, your research paper must be written in the third person. Option A. For most students, the project will be submitted as (Option A) a traditional academic research paper having a title page with your name (not mine) prominently exhibited along with a specific and descriptive project title (not “Environmental Science Paper”), 6-20 pages in length, but a minimum of six full pages of text (12 pt. font, double-spaced, one-inch margins), plus a title page and references cited section, with full citations referencing footnotes or notes in the text (APA citations recommended). Plagiarism—specifically, three or more words in a row stolen from another author and used without proper citation—will result in a grade of “F” on the assignment. Since this is a research paper assignment and not an opinion essay, good term papers will have a note number or citation at the end of almost every paragraph in the text of the document.