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Answer each of these 3 questions writing 7 pages in total. Be as complete and co


Answer each of these 3 questions writing 7 pages in total. Be as complete and concise as possible. Do not preface your answers with superfluous introductory re-marks: in each of your responses, simply answer the exact questions asked. 1. As conceptualized by Plato, what sort of entities are Forms? What it is for something to participate in a Form? [25 points] [2 pages] 2. A philosophical interpretation of Plato’s Republic VII ‘Allegory of the Cave’ should answer at least the following questions: What philosoph- ical issue (or issues) is the Allegory of the Cave, in the first instance, about? What are the central and most important philosophical claims regarding this issue (these issues) that Plato uses the Allegory of the Cave to communicate? What are the allegory’s various symbolic el- ements supposed to represent? Appealing to textual evidence from within the Republic, explain and defend a philosophical interpretation of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. [70 points] [4 pages] 4. Submit the four clearest and most instructive examples you can think of to respectively illustrate Aristotle’s conceptions of (i) material, (ii) formal, (iii) efficient, and (iv) final causation. For each of the four examples you submit, write 1-3 sentences explaining why the example in question does in fact exemplify the variety of causation in question. The examples should be your own—not Aristotle’s and not ones discussed in lecture or discussion section. [25 points] [1 page]