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Below you will find a brief overview of the final project followed by a more det


Below you will find a brief overview of the final project followed by a more detailed description with examples, guidelines and a rubric. Brief Overview: Choose one topic covered this semester in PSY101 and prepare a 2-page summary (500 word minimum) that conveys 5 big ideas about the topic. Create a project (e.g., pamphlet, podcast, brochure, artwork, more ideas below) to share this information with an audience of your choice. Note: You will submit your project as part of the assignment but you do not need to actually present it to your audience. Write a personal reflection (50 word minimum) on what you learned from doing the project. Upload the summary, project, and personal reflection to Canvas by the due date: December 15. Detailed Description: Throughout this semester, you will be exposed to a wide variety of psychological constructs and their applications. For your final project in this course, you will pick one topic that you think is really important for people to know. Then, you will devise a way to share this information with a specific audience. Step 1: Choose a psychological theory or construct that we have covered in introductory psychology. Look through the chapters and pick a topic that you found particularly interesting and want to learn more about. You can pick anything that was covered this semester in PSY 101. You can pick any topic you found interesting but here are some examples: A famous psychologist A famous research study The role of the frontal lobes The importance of sleep Real-world examples of Gestalt perception Use of operant conditioning in school How to avoid problem-solving biases Techniques for improving memory How parenting style affects a child’s development How to motivate others Cultural differences in personality Prejudice and discrimination Creating work-life balance Techniques to cope with stress Any psychological disorder or category of disorders Reducing barriers to therapy Note: Make sure to pick a topic that has at least 5 big ideas that you can summarize in 500 words or more (100 words for each idea). You must provide an explanation of the topic that is comprehensive and easy to understand. Step 2: Identify the audience who needs this information (You will not actually present to this audience). This step is important because the nature of the information you prepare and how you present the information may change depending upon your chosen audience. If my topic was aggression and my audience is women at a women’s shelter, I will present primarily information that relates to women. If my topic is the function of different areas of the brain and my audience is children, a children’s book, video or song would be most appropriate. Step 3: Decide on the format for your project/report – here are a few ideas: A press release (~500 words) A persuasive blog post (~500 words) A recorded visual presentation w/PowerPoint (~10 minutes in length) A podcast (~10 minutes in length) A children’s story (if your audience is little ones) A song (~3 minutes long) An art gallery display An animation A Pinterest page A how-to brochure Not seeing anything you like here? Feel free to propose a format! Step 4: Summarize the 5 big ideas of your psychological topic in 500 words or more. Learn more about your topic. Review the information in the textbook and videos and search out additional scholarly or popular press articles. Before citing articles from the popular press, apply the CRAAP TestLinks to an external site. and look for Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. Then, in a document that you will upload: List your topic List your audience Clearly label each big idea and describe it in at least 100 words using scholarly/formal writing Include a References page that lists your sources in the citation style of your choice (e.g., APA, MLA) Personal reflection (see Step 6) Step 5: Work your magic! Put together an innovative project to share this psychological information. Convey your information in a manner that is easy for your audience to understand. Assume they know nothing about the topic. Your project should display each of your 5 big ideas in some manner (written, spoken, visual). If you are submitting a written project (like a blog post), be sure to write your project differently from your summary. Your summary should use scholarly/formal writing while your project needs to have writing suitable for your audience. Step 6: Write a personal reflection (50-word minimum) on your experience with this project. Include in your personal reflection: Why you chose the topic Why you chose the audience What you learned from the project Step 7: Submit your Final Project for a grade by the due date of December 15th. Upload your written summary and personal reflection to Canvas Upload your project to Canvas