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***Comment this***Health disparities becoming serious threat to the health and w


***Comment this***Health disparities becoming serious threat to the health and wellbeing of some population groups like Hispanic, African American, Asian American, American Indian and Alaskan native with low income. Population that I will likely serve as an advanced registered nurse that is particularly vulnerable to issues of health disparities and inequity are low income population under any ethnic group. American health system is complex, and multitude of providers are involved in the deliver of health in promotion, prevention and cure. One of the components of health care delivery system in US is insurance which is provider by employers. But low-income population employer does not have facility to provide insurance, these population faced the health disparities.As an informatic nurse, I will not directly involve with the patient care, but data that can be obtained from the these population can be analyzed and obtained the health issues and health problems, root cause of the health issues and health problems. Based upon root cause, required necessary preventive and promotive of health information can be disperse to the target population. Different information technology tools can be use that make easier than ever before to capture, compare and analyze data to better manage the need of patient. Population can use different health application and tools that can spread promotive and preventive information that’s make helps to easy to reach out health information that will be cost effective. Similarly, as Informatic nurse I would help to other health care provider emphasis on importance of HIPPA policy and data confidentiality.Research and evidence-based nursing care are crucial to improving health care for all patients. Evidence-based nursing practice directed at how to effectively manage and treat diseases related to ethnic and racial minorities is imperative in overcoming current disparities in health care. (Denisco & Barker,2016) So the nurse must understand cultural, ethnic, racial, language and religious diversity important and provide health care accordingly then only these population can able to accessible quality health care.
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