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Course Description: This independent study course aims to engage the student in


Course Description: This independent study course aims to engage the student in various readings on privilege in Outdoor Recreation. As the student examines the depth and breadth of research that currently exists, they will also consider the representation of racial minorities and women in various aspects of Outdoor Recreation. They will also consider the question of how to close the gap in representation, participation, and leadership. Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to: 1) Identify factors (key players, organizations, etc.) and systems (economic and political) that shape privilege in Outdoor Recreation. 2) Demonstrate an understanding of the historical aspects of privilege in Outdoor Recreation. 3) Unpack the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to researching marginalized populations. 4) Develop skills in assessing the merit and usefulness of published research literature. Assignments: Write an Annotated Bibliography Paper: The student should examine literature in select (3-6) journals for a determined amount of time (~10 years) to understand the scope of literature concerning privilege in outdoor recreation. The paper must have concise annotations that summarize each article’s central theme/scope, it’s key findings, and how the research relates to closing the privilege gaps in outdoor recreation. The final paper should also explain how the material influenced the student’s ideas and analysis of the topic. There should be an introduction, annotations from research articles, and then a concluding summary that documents general findings across the breadth of literature reviewed in the bibliography.