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Discussion – Week 2 ONE PAGE PAPER – At least three paragraghs Nurses Working to


Discussion – Week 2 ONE PAGE PAPER – At least three paragraghs Nurses Working to Improve the Socioeconomic Status of Impoverished Citizens Through Government Actions The influence of poverty on health is a problem that transcends national borders. This week’s readings discussed some of the political, economic, and ethical issues that lead to health disparities in developed and developing countries. In addition, in this week’s first media presentation, Dr. Mancuso and Dr. Huijer shared insights on working within political systems to bring about positive changes in health care. Think about the importance of nurses in addressing these needs and in bringing about change. To prepare for this Discussion: Review the case study “Improving the Health of the Poor in Mexico.” Then, prepare your response to the following questions: In general, how do politics and economics influence health and health care? What might the benefits be of awarding the mothers cash grants as described in the case study about the Progresa/Oportunidades program? What social problems might be created by giving the mothers cash grants as described in the case study? As described in the case study, do you think the resources were ethically distributed? (Think about stereotyping.) What changes do you think should be made to the Progresa/Oportunidades program, if any? If the Progresa/Oportunidades program were to be discontinued for any reason, what could you, as a nurse, say that might help to maintain funding? Do you think a similar program, one like the Progresa/Oportunidades program, might work in your community? Why or why not? USING THESE RESOURCES ONLY Levine, R. (2007). Case studies in global health: Millions saved. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett. Case 9, “Improving the Health of the Poor in Mexico” (pp. 65–72) Holtz, C. (2017). Global health care: Issues and policies (3rd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett. Chapter 4, “Global Perspectives of Economics and Health Care” (pp. 111-142)