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GUIDANCE FOR FINAL ESSAYASSIGNMENTThe final essay is due on December 18and you a


GUIDANCE FOR FINAL ESSAYASSIGNMENTThe final essay is due on December 18and you are to choose a topic of your choice. Below are some guidelines for the essay: Organization of the Essay1) Introduction -Your introduction should tell the reader (me) exactly what you are going to write about in the essay. Your last sentence of the introduction can actually read, “In this essayI will discuss… That will help you organize your essay. As you are writing the body of the essay, you can go back to the introduction to make sure you are covering the points you want to make. The introduction is a guide and thefoundation for the entire essay. 2) Review and reference several books, articles and other periodicals related to your topic that you choose. 3) Explain the main points or areas of your topic. I recommend picking three so that you can expand upon three sections of your essay. 4) Provide your opinion on some of the main points of your topic. 5) Conclusion -Your conclusion should summarize whatyou discussed in the essay and conclude some summarizing remarks. Reminders 1) Pleaseremember that a scholarly essayhas an Introduction, a Body and a Conclusion. 2) Please utilize APA writing style (refer to the APA Manual or other sources available on the internet, such as Purdue OWL). Most importantly, note how to cite work in the essay. The basic rule of thumb is that your own thoughts and opinions do not need to be cited, but everything else needs to be cited. Even if you are not directly quoting someone, but utilizing their words, it needs to be cited. 3) Pick a topic that is not too narrowly focused or too broadly focused. For example, if you are interested in Supreme Court cases, do not write about the history of U.S. Supreme Court cases. Conversely, do not write about one specific aspect of one Supreme Court case either. A good compromise is to pick a Supreme Court case and break it down into three main points that made it important. 4)I suggest choosing at least two outside sources to help develop your thoughts and opinions. 5) Good writing is concise. 4-5 pages is about right for this essay, but I am not looking for an exact length. However, 2 pages is probably too short and 8 pages is probably too long.6) Please utilize Times New Roman, Size 12 font and double space.