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I need a three page paper written about the play “Hamilton”. You may choose one


I need a three page paper written about the play “Hamilton”. You may choose one of these three options: 1. Research the historical accuracy of the play. Elaborate on what truths are absolute in the text and discuss what might not be true. Be sure to discuss Lin-Manuel’s reason for his historical inaccuracies. 2. Analyze one song in the text. Breakdown the outside references, the imagery, writing strategy, and the meanings found in one song. 3. If you were going to write your own song for the musical, what themes/images/allusions would you use? Discuss the scene you would place the song and elaborate on your creative reasons for your choices. The paper has to be written in the MLA format below: Your MLA paper must have: An introduction (paragraph) § Thesis that provides your overall goal/main idea for the paper. § Preview of your three main points/categories § Clear acknowledgment your author, text, and genre § Thoughtful attention-getting advertisement that directly relates to your thesis and will grab our attention at the start Three body sections (Use evidence sandwiches): § Three body sections (you can divide paragraphs as needed). Paragraphs should be about ½ page each, so divide when necessary. § Topic (transition) sentences for all body paragraphs that introduce your main points and explain the ways the points relate to or prove your thesis § For each category, at least two concrete, specific, pin-pointable pieces of evidence. Each piece of evidence should be described and connected to your thesis separately. Cite all evidence from primary using MLA guidelines (in-text and works cited). § You must cite all “borrowed” material with in-text citations and a Works Cited page. § Closing sentences for each paragraph A conclusion (paragraph) § Thesis (rephrased) § At least three sentences that sum up your three categories § A clever way to remind us of your attention getter from the start of the paper § A way to show readers why your thesis and discussion is important (larger scale)