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I’m working on a sociology exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.Mos


I’m working on a sociology exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.Most weeks students will complete a short reading memo. For each memo, students will respond to questions, such as “What motivated the author to study this topic?”, “What is the dependent variable and what are the key independent variables?”, “Did the author pursue a deductive or inductive study design?”, “What are the studies key findings?”, and so forth.Many questions have a single correct answer. For instance, students may be asked to identify a research question, explain how the study fills a gap in the literature, state a hypothesis, interpret the study’s results, or apply material from lecture to the study. For these items, students are evaluated for answering the question correctly. Other items ask students to evaluate the quality of an article’s research design or to draw conclusions from the article. For these items, students are evaluated for demonstrating careful reading and high engagement with the article. This requires students to understand and communicate the article’s central arguments and analytical strategies.It is possible that students will not receive credit for a submitted reading memo. Students who do not receive credit will receive one or more of the following messages at the end of their evaluation:Student’s responses indicate limited engagement with the article.Student’s responses do not show adequate application of course material presented in lecture or section.Student’s assignment is incomplete.Please read the article attached and find the correct answer from the article.
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