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In a brief paragraph, describe the issues related to race, gender and/or class i


In a brief paragraph, describe the issues related to race, gender and/or class in one topic in the history of popular music. Some possible topics are as follows: – Blackface Performance in Minstrelsy, Vaudeville, the early Broadway Revue. Note: You will not receive credit if you do not discuss blackface performance in all three of these styles. – Niche marketing in the early recording industry. – The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. – The AFM Strike and Recording Ban of 1942-1944. Note: While it may be tempting to assign a class issue to any labor dispute, such a matter does not exist, here, as radio and record companies, and professional musicians do not constitute distinct social classes. There are interesting racial issues, here, though. – The making of cover versions of songs. – Women in rock in the 1950s and early 1960s. Note: This topic is not about women in rock in the late ’60s and beyond. While that may be mentioned, please concentrate on the time period in question. – The Payola Scandal. Note: Large and small recording companies do not constitute a difference in social class. In fact, there is really no class issue, here, at all. – Motown and Soul. Note: These are two different styles of music, and both must be discussed. Don’t think that by treating on one or the other, you are presenting a comprehensive discussion of the issue.