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In an essay of approximately 750 words (2.5-3pages/12 point font/double spaced)


In an essay of approximately 750 words (2.5-3pages/12 point font/double spaced) write a proposal argument in response to one of the issues addressed in your Everything’s an Argument textbook.Your essay must include an introduction providing some context on the issue (in a proposal essay your introduction should define the particular problem or issue which your paper will address) leading into a focused thesis statement (claim + reason) that takes the form of a claim offering a specific solution addressing the problem at issue, and explaining in brief why/how that solution will be effective in solving the problem (reason). As well as presenting an effective and viable solution to an issue and explaining how that solution will operate, your argument must utilize logic and provide effective examples and reasoning as to how and why your proposal will be beneficial. Moreover, your proposal must also be feasible and capable of being enacted with the means and funds presently available or explain how such means/funds might be acquired, while also addressing any potential opposition/counterarguments to your proposal – your main audience, those you are trying to convince, and whose values you must be attune to/respectful of – showing how your proposal will benefit not only the population to which it is directed but also the audience toward which it is being pitched. Your essay mayutilize support from the textbook, and if you wish you may include references from onesecondary source (i.e. a reputable internet source such as websites ending in .gov, .edu, .org, or a reputable .com, i.e. the, etc. – check with your professor if you are unsure if an online source is reputable) supporting your proposal/argument.Remember, your proposal will act as the initial step into formulating your final research paper, so make sure the topic you select is one in which you have an interest and you feel you can adequately and sufficiently support and expand into a full-fledged research argument. Be sure your essay is structured effectively in adherence to the guidelines of scholarly writing as covered in the textbooks and discussed in class (formal diction, effective essay and argument structure, grammatically correct, consistent use of the Third Person – no I, we, us, our (First Person) or you, your, you’re (Second Person), etc.). Your essay must be properly cited in MLA format (See The Little Seagulls Handbook) and include a one page works-cited as the last page of your paper (the essay or essays you are citing are those that got you interested in that topic which you are basing your proposal on – you do not necessarily have to have quoted those essays in the your paper).Prompts What should, if anything, be done to regulate free speech on college campuses (or society in general) to insure inclusivity? What can, or should, be done to resolve the issues surrounding internet privacy? .doc file