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It is scientifically known that seeking professional counselling for individual’


It is scientifically known that seeking professional counselling for individual’s psychological problems, such as suicidal ideation, depression, stress, and anxiety, has greatly improved individual’s mental health. In recent years, Singapore government have established at least 36 Family Services Centres (FSCs) to help Singaporeans cope with their psychological problems. However, only a mere 2.6% of the Singaporeans have utilized its mental health facilities. The current study, therefore, seek to investigate what are Singaporeans’ attitude towards seeking professional counselling. Below are the data collected, you are required to conduct a SPSS computation and report your findings (listed below) for your Coursework 1 (CW1). You will also find three Research Questions formulated for you: (will require you to send me the table of the spss data that you intend to include inside the report first, asap. You can submit the full report by due date as stated)