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Many cities have developed ways in which to encourage public art and beautify th


Many cities have developed ways in which to encourage public art and beautify their cities and streets. Often, utility/electric boxes around town are painted and decorated. At times, the artwork can be breathtaking, or provide some mind opening social commentary. The styles in which many of these boxes are painted and decorated is vast.Find A Decorated Utility/Electric Box:Taking some inspiration from Dave Van Patten, take a photo of a decorated utility/electric box from around town that you feel is inspiring. A photo that shows you standing besides it is preferred, but not required. Be sure to also mention where the utility/electric box is located in your thread.Discussion Questions:Tell us why you chose this utility/electric box.What is it about the artwork that made an impression on you?What do you feel makes it visually effective? Discussing a principle of design or two or anything from the visual toolbox could be helpful.Tell us your interpretation of the imagery, including the theme you feel is covered.Avoid going to Google for answers to the questions. Adding a little info from a source is OK, but I really want to hear your very own thoughts.Instructions:Your Discussion experience will come in two parts:Part 1: Write a short essay that answers the above questions and provide comments about your own viewing experience. Additions to your thread resulting from any added research is fine. But remember to stay on topic and answer the questions.Part 2: Respond to a minimum of 2 other student Posts.Points will be distributed in this manner: Your initial Thread can earn you up to 10 points, and each response is worth up to 5 points max. Maximum points is 20. Extraordinary posts and responses will be rewarded with extra points, making totals larger than 20, but no more than 24 points. Poor spelling and grammar will result in the loss of points. Entries with any errors in spelling and grammar will receive no higher than 17/20. Be sure to make your entries perfect
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