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MIndmap: use link: This assignment has two parts: the prospectus (in paragraph form!) should be about 300-400 (about a page, page and a half) words describing your thoughts about where your research has taken you (and so using “I” is permissible just for the prospectus). See below.The annotated bibliography should have six sources, four that arepeer reviewed and two that may be trade, popular, or additional scholarly articles.All citations, in-text and at the end, should be in APA or MLA style.PURPOSE:To organize your thinking by assembling sources that will help you examine your research question._____________________________________________________________________________The Students as Scholars initiative and the English department share the core requirement that your research projects should be based on your ability to “articulate and refine a question, problem, or challenge” in a topic area within your major field. Research is dynamic and your thinking about your issue will evolve as well; changes are inevitable as you become more knowledgeable about your project. Please put your research question on the top of your annotated bibliography.The Annotated BibliographyAs indicated above, the bibliography should consist of six sources, four of which should be peer reviewed. You will already have the four peer reviewed articles you used for the SA assignments, so you only need two more that may be popular, trade, or scholarly. Do not number entries; instead, list alphabetically by the lead author’s last name.A bibliography lists in alphabetical order the texts that writers have read during their research; an annotated bibliography follows each bibliographic entry with a brief evaluative (therefore, more than just a synopsis) summary called an annotation. The annotation describes the topic of the text, its author’s thesis or research question, compelling evidence presented to support that thesis, and the intended audience, whether scholarly or popular.It also evaluates the usefulness and reliability of the text for your intended project. Be sure that your annotation includes a quote that you feel represents the author’s thesis, conclusion, or research question.Here is a sample entry in APA style (note that a full citation precedes each annotation): Krementsov, N. (2006). Big revolution, little revolution: Science and politics in Bolshevik Russia. Social Research, 17 (4), 1173-1205. Krementsov (2006) analyzed the educational community, in particular research and the sciences, before and after the Bolshevik revolution. He states that “The state established a much more impressive and terrifying system of control over the scientific community than any critic of Soviet ‘totalitarianism’ could have imagined” (p. 1201). He observed that the scientific community is opposed to the new government, but still adapts to the new system so research can continue and funding can be obtained. Furthermore, Krementsov pointed out the influence that the Bolshevik government exerts on the scientific community in order to advance their ideology and political agenda. His article is mainly historical; however, it is useful because it can be seen as a model for the post-revolution educational system, and how a new totalitarian government solidifies its control over a country by targeting higher education. Please note that the underlined section is the student’s own response to the article—you needn’t underline your own critique. I’m happy to help if you have any questions. .doc file