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Purpose: For Essay Cycle Two, we are going to focus our efforts on examining foo


Purpose: For Essay Cycle Two, we are going to focus our efforts on examining food justice efforts at a more localized level. For this essay cycle, your task will be to identify a real-world inequity or problem to write about. It could be a problem that you’ve identified in our local food system here in Eugene or in your home community’s local food system, or you can use one (or more) of the assigned readings from this term to examine a specific food justice effort.PROMPT: Developing Practical Efforts for Local Food Justice“If you were to improve food access in the local community of the University of Oregon, what food justice efforts might you implement or plan?” (Food Justice Casebook p. 73).Identify a specific problem or inequity in a local community that you are a part of, whether it’s at the University of Oregon, in your home-town/country, or some other place that you are familiar with.Develop a plan of action that describes what efforts you would implement or plan to address the food justice problem you have identified.Write an argumentative essay in which you outline the problem and then develop and defend your plan of action by analyzing the potential effects and efficacy (effectiveness) of your food justice efforts.The Purpose of The Essay: The focus of this essay option will be on explaining and defending your plan of action in an argumentative essay; the argumentative aspect of your essay will focus on explaining why you believe your plan of action will be effective in accomplishing your intended goals. Your essay should be written to a specific audience, meaning that your essay should consider what your audience needs and how they might be best persuaded by your argument.*Note: You do not have to solve the problem you identify, but as a part of your defense, you should explain why your plan of action will help to address the problem in a meaningful way.Introduce your essay with a paragraph that hooks your reader, establishes the context for your argument, and states your Enthymeme (Claim because Reason). Logical Development Requirements (Argumentative Essay Option)Respond to a significant question at issue of your choosing that is related to and/or contextualized within the conversations we’ve had thus far this termEffectively incorporate at least two (2) of the assigned readings into the “conversation” through the use of direct quotes, paraphrase, and summaryMake an original argument about some problem, disagreement, or gap in knowledge that’s based in the conversations we have developed on the weekly discussion boardsTo clarify: When I say I want you to write an original argument, I mean that I want you to focus on developing your ideas and your own line of reasoning instead of simply summarizing one of the source’s arguments back at me.Additionally, you and your peers may use similar questions at issue or make similar claims, but the way you argue the point will be different from theirs. In other words, it is just fine to use the same Q@I as your peers and to make a similar argument. The originality will come through in the way you write the argument.Include a properly-formatted enthymeme (includes a claim, a reason, and a shared term) that identifies the argument you’re developingDevelop the line of reasoning clearly and logically by providing evidence, analysis, and explanation to support the reason and, if need be, the warrant of your essay.For our purposes, evidence includes:Quotes or paraphrases from the assigned readingsPersonal anecdotes or observationsLogical reasoningAnalysis of evidence and explanation of your reasoningEarn the claim/conclusion of the argument by clearly explaining and supporting the logic of your premises (the reason and the warrant) and their connection to the claimSource UseYou must contextualize both versions of this essay in response to at least two of the assigned readings. You may also use the Oxford English Dictionary. If you consult but do not cite or otherwise use information from other materials, you must include a Works Consulted page.****A Works Consulted page is basically a Works Cited page for sources that you do not cite in your essay but which you consulted to develop your argument.***Note: A counterargument is not required for the rough draft, though you may include one if you wish. We will discuss and workshop counterarguments in Week 9 instead, and the final version of this essay (the Essay 2.2) will require a strong counterargument and rebuttal.Analytical Development Requirements (Analytical Essay Option)Explores a significant Research Question on a specific aspect of your research topic that you feel has not received enough attention or has been misinterpretedAnalyzes and interprets examples from primary sources as related to the Research QuestionDevelops logical and/or well-explained interpretations of the examplesExamines and engages in conversation with other interpretations from researched secondary sourcesAnticipates and responds to potential counterargumentsMechanical, Formatting, and Submission RequirementsMeets the 1,500-2,000 word minimum (this minimum requirement does not include the Works Cited page; the text of your argument must meet this 1,500-2,000 word minimum)Uses formal academic proseAdheres to the requirements of Standard Edited American English, MLA documentation style, and formatting guidelines stated in the syllabusIncludes parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page that lists the texts you cite in your essaySources u can use but also u can find your own:
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