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Research Portfolio: IntroductionIn their portfolio introduction, students will i


Research Portfolio: IntroductionIn their portfolio introduction, students will identify their selected topic and provide a concise review of the relevant historical context for their topic. The goal of the introduction is to:Explain the relevance or significance of their topic and address the question, “How would the field of psychology benefit from further research into this topic?”Students should provide enough background information on their topic to help the reader assess the relevance and significance of their topic.
Describe their goals for their research.What would you hope to accomplish with additional research into this topic?Some things to consider include both basic research (improved theoretical understanding of the variables associated with your topic) and applied research (how this understanding might translate into practical application or usage by psychologists).
The introduction should be concise, with a 2-page maximum.
*I have done all work for oral presentation just need it pieced togehter into a powerpoint.Please review the portfolio assignment details via the attached document. As a reminder, your completed portfolio should include the following:Introduction
Survey Mini-Study
Experimental Mini-Study
Observational Mini-Study
Reflections on the Research ProcessVia oral presentation
The oral presentation should:Introduce your topic, its relevance and significance to your educational or career goals
Discuss the research questions presented in your mini-studies:Key design decisions for your research (including participants, procedures, data collection, etc.)
Review the strengths and limitations of your mini-studies
Discuss the conclusions and implications of your mini-studies
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