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Select a historic speech on any issue of national or international significance.


Select a historic speech on any issue of national or international significance. The speech may be from the recent or distant past and should be available in English translation if originally composed and delivered in a language other than English. (Avoid the well known and perhaps overused ones, such as King’s “I Have a Dream,” Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address or John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address). is a good source for some of the historic speeches. Read the speech carefully. Then, conduct some basic research about the speaker, the occasion for the speech, and the original audience’s reaction (if it can be determined). This research is to be minimal. Next, in a well-organized essay, describe the occasion for the speech (briefly), the Purpose of the speaker in delivering the speech, Persona of the speaker (the chief values the speaker projects in the speech), Tone of the speaker (the speaker’s attitude towards the audience and the subject; the emotions he or she evokes in the audience), and some of the arguments and major techniques the speaker uses. Finally, discuss whether or not the speaker’s rhetorical strategy is effective; that is, whether or not the speaker is successful in persuading the audience of his or her main idea using the techniques, some of which you have analyzed. All assertions should, of course, be supported by good reasons and specific evidence. Do not summarize or review the contents of the speech.
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