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This assignment is two-fold; how many of have wondered what it would be like to


This assignment is two-fold; how many of have wondered what it would be like to sit in on a lecture at Yale University? Now you can! This is Professor Donald Kagan’s lecture on the Vikings(form the Yale Open Lecture Series). After watching the lecture, you are to have a discussion with your fellow students about the Vikings. You need to reference Kagan’s lecture, and provide the exact time of the lecture to which you refer: What myths about Vikings were dispelled by Professor Kagan in this lecture? What did you learn that you did not know before? Focus on these two questions, and keep your response brief! Post on Time: All Discussion posts are due Wednesdays. You must post your initial discussion by the due date. After the due date you will have 2 days to respond to others (including responding to the professor if asked). If your initial post is not by the due date, you will receive a 0 for the assignment. Please note that you must post before seeing the work of other students. If you write an initial post in order to see other responses, then delete it and repost, or return to “edit” a post, you will receive a 0 grade. Keep it Short: Do NOT post more than 5 sentences and stick to the point. (any posts longer than 5 sentences will be deleted and you will be asked to re-post.) No one wants to read an entire essay or a bunch of random information. Make it short and conversational and answer the prompts directly.
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