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Using the research hypothesis that you formulated in Module 2, find a few relate


Using the research hypothesis that you formulated in Module 2, find a few related Academic Journals and read them. Once you have finished, write an annotated bibliography. Research Hypothesis·potentially testing. Using the textbook as a guide, translate your question into both a null and a research hypothesisResearch Question: Does violence in family (e.g. child abuse, domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, etc.) impact juvenile delinquency?Research Hypothesis: Violence in family has a considerable effect on juvenile delinquency.Null Hypothesis: Violence in family does not impact juvenile delinquencyRequirements:·Use 5 Academic Journals ·Include APA Title Page·APA Formatted References (for a refresher, click here (Links to an external site.))The purpose of this assignment will be to provide a small literature review surrounding the 5 journals you have selected. You will select your journals based off of the question formulated for the hypothesis assignment. Please be sure to summarize your findings. Provide a synopsis of the measurements used in your articles as well as the findings.This paper should be between 3-5 pages long. Be sure to use scholarly sources and peer reviewed journals. Please note, proper grammar, syntax, and spelling are expected. .doc file