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Write a 900-1000 word paper (12 point font) on one primary source from the Oxfor


Write a 900-1000 word paper (12 point font) on one primary source from the Oxford anthology Disputed Moral Issues The Paper must be a response to any of the articles in Disputed Moral Issues except for the Pope’s abortion declaration that cannot be used. You must analyze the text at hand, and give your own critique of it; you must accurately summarize what your chosen author is saying, with a combination of paraphrase and occasional direct quote, and you must also make your own argument about the text, explaining clearly strengths of weakness of the authors argument. In a way, this is like a literature paper in that you must work closely with a primary text, but you are analyzing a philosophy text, and so your own philosophical response needs to be part of the paper. If you just summarize the author, it is just a book report, and not a real philosophy paper. I need to see your own critical thinking in response to the text. You need to provide reason, not just opinions, for this to be a real philosophy paper. Be sure to provide a clear thesis statement and write with orderly paragraph divisions.