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Write a review/critical analysis of the Octavia Butler’s Kindred (Graphic Novel)


Write a review/critical analysis of the Octavia Butler’s Kindred (Graphic Novel), that explores its efficacy in relating the history of slavery in the American south. In doing so, I want you to compare and contrast its storytelling/narrative to those found in our primary sources, textbook, and lecture and evaluate which does a better job of telling the history and why? What’s missing from each? And to what extent does the combination of all the sources help the reader understand the history of slavery. Ultimately what does that realization say about history historical study? (Please note that for this assignment I have read Sparknotes, coursehero, dekart, bartleby,varsitytutors and many other reviews and paid essay sites for this book. Your paper will be scanned by Turnitin any plagiarism, any phrases pulled from those sites will lead to an automatic F on the final. Do not reference crap cheating sites).