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You only need to finish the inputs sheet in the template spreadsheet for this as


You only need to finish the inputs sheet in the template spreadsheet for this assignments and you might need to use capital IQ to search for the related information of this is the instruction:Merger Model ProjectDeliverable: Download the spreadsheet Merger Model Template.xlsx. Fill out all the yellow shaded areas with the appropriate formulas and submit the completed spreadsheet.In this project you will develop a merger model for analyzing the following recent M&A transaction:AbbVie acquisition of Allergan plc ($61.9B on June 2019) – Pharmaceutical industry
Your analysis should be based on information available before the deal announcement date, except for deal documents such as the proxy statement and the merger agreement, which were available soon after the deal announcement. In order to obtain the acquirer and target financials, key merger documents, and other relevant information related to the deal, I recommend that you use S&P Capital IQ.The proxy statement and the merger agreement contain key deal information: offer price, form of transaction, cash/stock/debt, treatment of options, restricted stock units (RSUs), deal announcement date, estimated synergies, etc.Please feel free to make reasonable assumptions, if important model information, such as deal fees, write-ups, etc., are not available. For example, if the write-up of intangible assets is not available, you can evaluate how intangibles changed around the closing for similar deals: e.g., for the quarterly financials before and after the closing of similar deals estimate the average %write-up:(Int_Assetsacq-after– Int_Assetsacq+tgt-before)/Int_Assetstgt-before Please explain in the comments column of the worksheets any relevant assumptions you may have made in your analysis.Our S&P Capital IQ subscription contains only limited information about analysts’ earnings estimates. In the file IBES Forecasts ABBV AGN.xlsx , you will find the analysts’ forecasts, available at the deal announcement date, for the acquirer and target net income and EPS for the next three fiscal years. The data comes from the I/B/E/S database which is available at WRDS. Please make sure you complete the following: Sources and uses of funds table
Pro-forma combined pro-forma financial statements with deal adjustments
Accretion/dilution analysis
Credit Analysis
Contribution Analysis
.doc file