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You will examine in greater depth the processes, functioning, and well-being of


You will examine in greater depth the processes, functioning, and well-being of families based on their forms or configurations, cultural dimensions, and developmental tasks across the lifespan. Instructions: • First, select a family form/configuration. You will discuss the functioning, well- being and challenges of these families. Some examples are: o Single parent o Multigenerational households o Two-parent o Teen parent o Gender-diverse parents o LGBTQ parents or children o Remarried households o Foster or adoptive families • Next, discuss the cultural dimensions that impact the family form/configuration you chose. For example, how does race/ethnicity impact the family? What role does social class play? • Then, discuss the challenges and strengths of this family form/configuration across the lifespan. You will need to briefly address each stage of Erikson’s psychosocial development theory. • Last, discuss intervention or prevention efforts that would be helpful for your identified family form/configuration throughout the life cycle. You may even select different intervention/prevention efforts depending on the life cycle stage of the family unit. Requirements: • Submit a Word document in APA format. • Maximum 7 pages in length, excluding the Title and Reference pages. • At least three scholarly resources, in addition to the course textbook.