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Your report must be written in a formal style like the FLPMA law itself. No pers


Your report must be written in a formal style like the FLPMA law itself. No personal narrative or conversational language is appropriate. Organize your writing with titles and sub-titles and sub-sub-titles as necessary following APA style. Write employing a logical flow that a naive reader can follow. Do not assume your reader knows anything about this subject. Write in paragraphs, not bullet points. Citations are due in APA style. Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) FLPMA is one of the many laws that will affect your everyday work as a recreation planner. You will read many acts of congress and apply them to your jobs of building trails, writing management plans, or designing campgrounds. Your skill in studying, interpreting, and applying these laws will affect your career every day. A. FLPMA Scope (2 pages) FLPMA 1701. Congressional declaration of policy, (a) 1-13 To help you understand the scope of this act, consider each policy listed in section 1701 (a) 1 through 13 and write out a paragraph, in your own words, your understanding of each numbered policy. Section A of this homework should be 2-3 pages of typed text. Familiarize yourself with the definitions in section 1702. You do not need to write anything on these terms, but you must use these terms as needed throughout this assignment. If you think that an educated reader of this assignment would not understand any of the terms, then you must define them in your written assignment. B. Your Report (8 pages + References) FLPMA sections 1711 – 1784 You will be assigned to a sub-section (1711 – 1784) of FLPMA. Sub Section Assigned? 1782 & 1784 Wilderness Study (+Alaska as different) Research your topic. Study your section(s) of the law. To help you reach a deep understanding of your portion of FLPMA: What is the history – who, when, what documents and laws preceded your assigned FLPMA section(s)? (The Congressional report “One-Third of the Nation’s Land” will be helpful.) Which problems was it designed to resolve – or why was it needed? What did the Law Reviews following the passage of your law’s specific topic have to say? Find in the “Files” for this course a copy of FLPMA and one Law Review from Arizona all in one document. (I will add this as a supplemental document.) You must find, apply, and cite other reviews by attorneys or appropriate government officials that you find on your own. What are the current controversies? Find, study, and cite examples of uses and abuses following passage of your specific topic (use newspapers and news magazines). Write your report. Use titles and sub-titles to organize and structure your report. Introduction: describe the purpose and importance of your report including a brief explanation of the intent (purpose and need) of FLPMA and summary of your most significant findings. Tell the reader what they must understand before reading the body of your report. Results: In an organized manner, answer all the questions in the outline above and others that occur to you as relevant. Discuss: the many parts of your paper into your own unique synthesis. Generalize: from your specifics. Write out the questions that you might like to pursue further. Conclude: Document all your research in your text and with a bibliography as per APA. You will need to find an APA manual, or find APA guidelines on-line, or there is an APA cheat-sheet filed under “Files” that may meet your needs. (I’ll add this as well.) Use good sources: Access published books from reputable authors. Law Reviews are required. Relevant government websites may be used and referenced. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source, use the references found at the end of the Wikipedia article and read those, then reference those articles. Citizen blogs are generally not considered good sources though they may lead you to reputable sources. Sometimes, blogs can represent misinterpretations of the law. Document your current events, use newspapers and news journals. Many of these issues are in the national news as well as the local news. The Secretary of the Interior is frequently at odds with these laws making articles that key word on them as a good starting point for searches. This section B of your report will be in the eight-page range of double-spaced text plus bibliography. This assignment absolutely must not be a personal narrative.