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Answer the four questions below; These questions ask you to apply your sociologi


Answer the four questions below; These questions ask you to apply your sociological imagination and knowledge to social issues and data presented in linked articles below. You will need to read the linked article in order to accurately answer the question. Requirement: length: Each question requires a 250-word response that is organized into 2 substantial paragraphs. 5-7 sentences per paragraph is a good rule of thumb. Each response will be roughly one page long, double-spaced, which means your finished exam should be 4 to 5 double-spaced pages long (about 1000 words).
Be direct in your writing and please avoid making sweeping, inaccurate generalizations.
Do not write an introduction or a conclusion for your response, just two full paragraphs.
Be sure to number each response.
You may consult the extra readings (will be attached below), to answer these questions as thoroughly as you can. And please try to explain the underlined sociological terms in the question as fully as you can. Be sure to put everything in your own words to avoid plagiarism.
Questions 1, 2 and 3 are about this article (Links to an external site.) by Professor Jennifer Lee. 1) Why isn’t high educational attainment for Asian-Americans simply a question of culture, according to Lee? Explain how Lee’s argument about hyper-selectivity challenges the model minority myth. 2) Does Lee’s argument about immigrant selectivity reflect a social constructionist, conflict theory or a functionalist view of race? In your first paragraph, explain the theoretical framework(s) you think Lee is employing. In your second paragraph, use evidence from the Lee article to support your response to this question. 3) Based on your understanding of sociological research methodology, reconstruct two sociological research questions that seem to have guided Professor Lee’s research based on the data and argument she presents. First, explain what constitutes a sociological research question. Then formulate two questions that you think she has sought to answer through her empirical research. Identify the independent and dependent variables in each question, a possible hypothesis the question was testing, and the likely research method used to analyze the relationship between these variables. For questions 4, draw on the data and analysis presented in this July 3rd article (Links to an external site.) by New York Times writers Larry Buchanan, Quoctrung Bui, and Jugal Patel: 4) Using your sociological imagination, discuss two structural changes that might help explain why public opinion has shifted in favor of Black Lives Matter. By structural changes, I mean how changes to groups and institutions in the US have in turn produced this cultural change (remember, opinion is rooted in beliefs, which are an element of culture). Focus one paragraph on a key group change, and focus the other paragraph on a key institutional change. .doc file