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Assignment Question How important is it for organisations to understand the hist


Assignment Question How important is it for organisations to understand the history and geography of a country in which they are marketing? Choose a country other than your own. Discuss the question critically and explain to an international marketer what factors he/she needs to be aware of when marketing in that country. Guidelines: (1) Your answer should use relevant models, theories, and concepts and be academic in its approach. (2) You will receive a briefing about the Assignment in Week 1, followed by regular discussions about the topic in seminars. Please start thinking about the topic now, and develop a list of key themes and ideas. You should also compile a list of relevant journal articles and reports, which you will need in order to write the assignment. (3) Make full use of the resources in the Greenwich Library. Look for articles and reports on electronic databases such as Emerald and Business Source Premier. Google Scholar is useful for an overview of available articles, and you will also find articles on Moodle. (4) In order to write about the topic convincingly, refer to at least fifteen to twenty good-quality publications, books, reports and journal articles. Avoid using poorly researched internet sources that are not evidenced or peer reviewed. (5) You must reference your work fully and accurately, using Harvard Referencing. (6) Please check your work carefully for similarity. The assignment must be in your own words.