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Cinderella Ate My Daughter Research Paper While reading the book, begin to draw


Cinderella Ate My Daughter Research Paper While reading the book, begin to draw up ideas for a small-scale research project that covers a topic addressed in the book. It can be anything you choose to focus on. For instance, you could do a survey or interview individuals about a pertinent topic. Or, you could perform a content analysis of a movie and/or TV show related to one subject you are interested in in the book. Alternately, you could analyze popular songs, poems, blogs, websites, etc. These are just a few ideas to provide some examples. You are free in your choice of topic, but if you have any doubts whatsoever if it is suitable for this project, please ask me via e-mail. The paper should draw parallels between the book and your research. Besides applying one of the books, you should try to use pertinent sections from our other text as well (from Kolozsvari), if it applies, and search for and refer to at least one pertinent article from a scholarly journal or book. (You may use newspaper articles, but then use at least 3). In total, the main body of the paper should be at the very least 7 pages (no more than 8 please), plus References. I will grade each paper based on these criteria: 1. Full completion of the research component of the assignment (5 pts) 2. Concise, up-to-the-point description of the results through a sociological lens (5 pts) 3. Depth of analysis of the results by using the readings, including at least one outside source (8 pts) 4. Logical progression, organized structure (1 pts) 6. College-level grammar, spelling, and vocabulary (1 pts). Use any citation you are familiar with (APA, etc.). Each paper is worth 24 points and 24% of your final grade. Due date is Dec 9, 10 pm.