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Directions: Follow the directions below. The Critical Analysis Assignment length


Directions: Follow the directions below. The Critical Analysis Assignment length is 5-6 pages, typed, following the MLA format, with a Works Cited page. (The Works Cited page is not included in the 5-6 page assignment). Part A: Identify an article to analyze from our textbook, Intercultural Communication: A Reader, 14th edition. After reading the article, write a 100-150 word summary of the article you studied. Remember, students cannot select the articles on pages #5 and #16. Part B: Based upon the article you selected for Part A, from the textbook, Intercultural Communication: A Reader, 14th edition, answer the following questions. Be sure to include the questions on your Critical Analysis Assignment pages you submit. This is not a Research Paper. Instead, list each question, then answer each question chronologically as in the format below: Purpose/Objectives/Scope: A1. Why was the study done or what was the purpose of the study? A2. What is the hypothesis or research question(s) in the article? If you are not able to identify a hypothesis or research question(s), comprise your own for the article. A3. What or who did the study include? Methodology: B1. What procedures were used/performed to carry out the study? Results: C1. What was found? What were the findings or results of the study? Conclusions: D1. What do new information was shed that we did now know “prior” to the study? D2. What “implications” can be made based on the information from this study. In other words, what can we now infer based on the results of this study? Critical Analysis: E1. What were the strengths of the study? E2. What were the weaknesses of the study? E3. What interesting information or subjects were missing from this research. E4. How could the study have been improved? E5. What suggestions do you have for future research in this area?