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Directions: You will create a policy change paragraph (10+ sentences) for your O


Directions: You will create a policy change paragraph (10+ sentences) for your Opinion Piece essay in this exercise. Remember that the policy change is your solution to the problem. Keep in mind that your policy change should be action-oriented; it is not advice. For example: NO- Advice: Parents should limit their children’s time with technology to one hour a day. YES- Action-oriented: It has been found that children are continuously using technology because of its ability to connect to wifi, which allows them to watch videos, stream, and use social media. Parents should limit their children’s time with technology by configuring software on their home router that manages access control of their WiFi; parents can then enable their WiFi connection to turn off as soon as their children get home from school until a prescribed time. With this device, parents can turn off their WiFi at 3pm and leave it off until 6pm. Their children can use the WiFi system from 6-7pm, after which the system turns off again until the next day. This might seem a little extreme; however, communicating to children that there are moments in the day when they must complete their homework and chores without the distraction of technology may be a positive to their development. Go into a lot of detail regarding the change that will take place. Only focus on one change. Make sure you address who the policy change would affect, where it would take place, how it would be implemented. Give as much detail as possible. Here is an example of a policy change paragraph: One way to alleviate the issue of technology and its negative affect on children and teens is an education program that seeks to make them more aware of the dangers it poses on their physical and mental selves. A high school class could be developed for entering freshmen as a requirement to a general education plan. This class would be called “Technology Pathology” and it would span the course of two months. In this class, students would learn about the positive uses of technology and the negative side effects of cell phone use and social media. They would be required to experience a cyber bullying exercise where they would be bullied online. They will be asked to talk about their experiences in the cyber bullying simulation in order to help them understand what it feels like and how to overcome its emotional, and sometimes physical, consequences. They would also be taught what options they might take in order to get help if they get into a situation where they get bullied or discover a friend is using social media dangerously. It will be important to the success of this class that students feel comfortable talking about their relationship, however good or bad, with technology, and more specifically, cyberbullying. As a result, qualified teachers for this course will be certified counselors within the school district. This policy change can be used to get high school students more aware of what their devices can potentially do if not regulated and understood. Due Friday, December 11th by 11:59pm