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Film review on the link below: In yo


Film review on the link below: In your page review of the film, you can explore such items as (but by no means limited to): 1) What were some of the related events going on in the USA when this film was made? 2) Who are the main characters and what is their journey through the film? What are they looking for and do they find it? 3) Considering current events around racism and anti-Blackness, have things changed much since these films were made? Explain. 4) Did the design (setting, set pieces, costumes, lighting, etc.) play a deeper role in telling the story? Explain. 5) Did the film originate as a film script, book, or stage play? 6) What can you tell us about the director and or screenwriter and how their life’s experiences might have influenced the points of view expressed in the film?