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** form of media chosen is the bachelor/ bachelorette** create an argument about


** form of media chosen is the bachelor/ bachelorette** create an argument about the history of it and how it portrays racism. For this assignment, you will analyze a form of media by looking at it through the lens of a theory or concept discussed in class. You will critically assess what your chosen medium says about how Western society informs our understandings of identity and/or social power. For this assignment, I ask that you work to keep an eye towards how your chosen media constructs understandings of gender, race, class, sexuality, and/or ability. Possible media choices include (but are not limited to): ::: TV shows, advertisements, visual art, movies, music / music videos, digital culture (hashtag campaigns, Instagram influencers, Twitter threads) ::: Once you have your form of media chosen, you must identify a question or pattern that you wish to focus on analyzing through that media. For instance, you may be interested in digital culture, and could engage Henry Jenkins’ concept of convergence culture in interrogating the Kardashian’s role as influencers that shape standards of beauty — If you choose TV, you may look to how the Simpsons portrays racial diversity on the show (Apu, Dr. Nick), using Stuart Hall’s theories of representation to guide your analysis. While there are many, many possibilities for identifying a media-related question or pattern for this assignment, just be sure that your question or pattern remains grounded in RHCS 105 topics. Once you have your media and associated question or pattern chosen, your next step is to research that question or pattern. While you must bring in and thoughtfully engage with at least one theorist discussed in class, you must also identify and utilize at least two secondary sources (can be popular or scholarly) to bolster your argument and strengthen your thesis. The potential approaches to this assignment are very open ended — I encourage you to be creative in how you tackle this paper. We will dedicate time to discussing the paper in our Zoom call on Sept. 23rd, but feel free to check in with me about your ideas to brainstorm thesis topics. The technical requirements for this assignment are: – The paper should 4 – 5 pages long (double-spaced) – The paper should include a reference page – Feel free to utilize the formatting style you’re most familiar with (APA, MLA, Chicago) for the in-text citations and for the reference page – Please use a standard font with 1 inch margins