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I’m working on a english project and need support to help me study.The topic for


I’m working on a english project and need support to help me study.The topic for the essay:In a multi-paragraph essay which integrates your analysis of BOTH articles (Hooked on our Smartphones and Stop Googling, Let’s Talk), argue that one of these articles uses rhetorical strategies more effectively than the other.PLEASE NOTE: The topic is NOT to explain why you agree or disagree with the authors’ argument. Furthermore, the topic is NOT to just summarize what both articles are about.Successful essays will1. introduce the articles and authors and provide brief summaries of the authors’ arguments and intended audiences;2. include a thesis statement that states your opinion about which article uses rhetorical strategies more effectively to appeal to the intended audience;3. provide examples from both articles to support your thesis, focusing on the rhetorical strategies and why one article uses them more effectively.4. smoothly integrate quotations and paraphrases from both articles, using MLA in-text citations to document them: (author’s last name paragraph #). 5. conclude thoughtfully6. be logically organized with effective transitions so that your reader does not get lost while reading;7. clearly communicate your ideas and be mostly free of grammatical errors.8. You do NOT need to do a Works Cited page.
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