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In a 5-7 page double-spaced paper, you will present a gender and communication a


In a 5-7 page double-spaced paper, you will present a gender and communication analysis of a popular culture example of your choice. You should apply theory and/or other course concepts to a film, television show, novel, brand, news article or event. Specifically, you should look to the range of topics, theories, and discussions we have had over the course of the class to see how gender and/or sex is explored, presented, negotiated, structured, or reinforced via your chosen media content. This is not a report but an argumentative essay, meaning you will be expected to not just explain what the subject of your media topic is about but, more importantly, discuss how its operation, construction, or engagement with audiences can be viewed through a specific gender/sex theory analytical lens. For example, you could look at media coverage and rhetoric surrounding male vs female candidates for political office–in particular the presidency. You could talk about the growing number of women speaking out about sexual harassment in Hollywood and why this is happening now as an aspect of cultural change in media. You can talk about how representations of the LGBT community have changed in TV programming from the 1990s to the present. These are just a few topical suggestions, but there are many more options you can choose from.